Many other people have contributed to the Ansteorra web in the past. Special thanks to
Master Michael Silverhands, H.L. Selwyn Mortermer, Lord Krzysztof Kopernik, Master Galen of Bristol, Lord Angus MacTaggart, Master Cynric of Bedwyn, Mordraut Freyulf, Mistress Alisandre Oliphant, Master Caelin on Andrede, and Baron Armand Dragonetti.

New art by
HL Elspeth Grizel of Dunfort, HE Chiara Francesca Arianna d'Onofrio, and Mistress Emma de Fetherstan.

Demographics and various reports on human behavior
Mistress Gilyan Alionora Clonmacnoise

New Map by
Baron Ian Dun Gillan

Server Team:
HL Emma de Fetherstan

Web team:
Brenna McDonald, Emma de Fetherstan,
and William Cameron deBlakstan

Special Kingdom and Society Web Projects:
Master Rhodri ap Gwythyr

Many of the concepts behind the images, design, and implementation of this web site originated with the contributions and talents of these people.

William Cameron deBlakstan
Kingdom WebMinister, Ansteorra