The days grow long and hot. The men and women of the kingdom grow restless. The people want heirs! The time grows near. With the permission of their most Stellar Royal Majesties, we shall prepare a great hall, for only great halls are suitable for Kingdoms such as ours! With our banners hanging high, floors covered with tapestries, lighting along the walls and ceiling to set the mood we will host a grand tournament! We must also recognize those who have talents that lie elsewhere -- We shall hold also a competition for the arts and sciences so that a champion can be named that will represent the kingdom at it's finest!

Event Location and Date:

July 11th 2015

Arlington Convention Center
1200 Ballpark Way
Arlington, Texas 76011


Crown Tournament Rules

Un-Belted Tourney: To be held AFTER Crown. Atlantian Speed Tournament Style. Any non knight/master can enter.

Un-Scarfed Tourney: To be held AFTER Crown. Atlantian Speed Tournament Style. Any non white belt/master can enter.

Kingdom Artisan:

Please come and support your artisans at the first ever July Kingdom Arts and Sciences competition, to be held in conjunction with Crown Tournament.
This is a unique opportunity to not only compete for the honor of Kingdom Arts and Science Champion, but also to bring out your best to show for the pleasure of the Crown.
The Kingdom A&S Champion will be selected based on the highest overall score. This score will be based on the current Kingdom A&S Judging forms. New this competition only, we are allowing Group entries! Group entries are still to be one completed project.
Worried that your documentation isn’t quite there, but proud of what you made? Want to show off and get feedback from the judges without judginess? Have a piece that enhances our SCA life? Their Majesties invite you to delight the eye. They are offering a prize from their hand for that piece that speaks most to them!
They also want to encourage the scholar and researcher, bring your original research out and confound the mind!
Unfinished entries can be shown for commentary only, in a separate area.

Please send your intent to enter to kingdom@moas.ansteorra.orgBEFORE 7/8/15.
Please include Your Name, Title of the Project and whether you wish to be considered for champion.
Performers, please also include the length of the performance and if you will need electricity or other considerations.
If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact me!
Beatrix Alfray, OL
Kingdom Minister of Arts & Science

Heraldic display contest: Secret judges will chose best display.

Rules for the Site:

There will be concession stands open on site.
There are about 1000 restaurants within about 10 minutes of site.
There is something for everyone's budget.
There are lots of hotels in Arlington for those that are coming in early or staying late.

$20.00 Adults
$10.00 Children 5-15 years of age. Children under 5 get in free.
Family max is $50.00
NMS fee is $5.00

AS parking is normally paid around this area, we are covering your parking at the convention center.

We are looking to have merchants as well!


8:00 AM - Gate Open
9:00 AM - Armor Inspections
9:30 AM - Court
10:00 AM - Procession
10:00 AM - A&S Judging Begins
11:00 AM - Crown Tournament Starts
2:00 PM - Unbelted Tournament
2:00 PM - Unscarfed Tournament
3:00 - PM-Knights Circle
4:00 PM - A&S Judging Ends
4:30 PM - Centurion Circle
6:00 PM - Court
8:00 PM - Site Close

Centurion Eberhart Sturmere - Jeremy Norwood - centurion.eberhart@gmail.com
Lady Liadan ingen Finnen - Kayla Foster - kaylajadefoster@hotmail.com

Gate Coordinator:
Aaliz du Lac - Alicia Kays - akays78@yahoo.com

Gift Basket Coordinator:
Silvana Corwin - Rachel Schubert - Rachelm.sherman@yahoo.com

Heraldic display contest:
Silvana Corwin - Rachel Schubert - Rachelm.sherman@yahoo.com
Jeanne-Marie la Verriere - Michele Hayes - txcolorandstyle@yahoo.com

Merchant Coordinator:
Lady Liadan ingen Finnen - Kayla Foster - kaylajadefoster@Hotmail.com

Kingdom A&S Coordinator:
Beatrix Alfray - Laura Meissner