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Today is June 25th
Anno Societatis LII
(Being 2017 C.E.)

Kingdom Hospitaler Reporting


1. Please give contact information

persona name
How long have you served as Minister of Children for your region?
Do you have a deputy? If so, please give contact information for your deputy.

2. How many children/minors (under 18) do you have in your region?

How many age 0 - 5?
How many age 6 - 9?
How many age 10 - 12?
How many age 13 - up?

3. How much time do you devote to your office

On a weekly basis?
On a monthly basis?
On a yearly basis?

4. How would you characterize your region's

Current perception of your office?
Has this changed over the past year?
For better or for worse?
What would you like to change (if anything) about this perception?

5. How many events

did your region host this year (including Kingdom level events)?
What were the dates of those events?
Were children's activities held at each of those events? If not, why?

6. How many children

attended your region's events this year (on average)?
Did all the children attending the events participate in the planned children's activities?
What are the ages of the children who did *not* participate in the planned activities?
Please give the reason (if known) why children did not participate in the planned activities.

7. Classes/Activities

What classes/activities worked for you in the past year?
What classes/activities did not work?

8. What problems have you had (if any) in the following areas:

planning activities at events;
communication with parents;
communication with local officers;
communication with Kingdom;
reporting requirements;
maintaining discipline during children's activities.
Are there any other problems you have encountered in the past year?

9. Solutions

What solutions have you come up with for each of the problems listed above?
Did you get a chance to implement your solution? If so, did it work?

10. Goals

What are your three main goals for next year?
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