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The Official SCA WWW Page is an excellent resource for on-line information about the national SCA organization, and includes many fine links to other resources on-line relating to the middle ages and renaissance.


Demos, Newcomer Info

Armor, Fighting, and War

History, Heraldry, and Reference

Camping, Lifestyle, and Culture

Cooking, Recipes, and Food

Dancing, Music, and Bardic

Strange, Wierd, and Miscellaneous

SCA, Events, and Personas

Images, Manuscripts, and the Web

Footwear, Clothing, and Fabric
News and Photos
SCA on the NEWS CBS Morning Special from 1999 (82mb)
Ansteorran Photos Photo Review of Ansteorran Events
Chivalry Today A Reawakening of The Code of Chivalry
The Medieval Times  
The Pennsic Independent  
Demos and Newcomer info
Images, dialog, and resources about the SCA.
The Knowne World Map A map created by Dante de Valencia, in the Shire of Trinovantia Nova, in the Kingdom of Ealdormere
Armor, Fighting, and War
Ansteorra Army of Heros! The Ansteorran Army has a web site! it contains Kein's Essay on Melee tactics, the illustrated version (both docs in html format)
Steel Bows in India A brief treatise on the role of archery in the Indian past.
Jay-Cee Sales & Rivet Inc. Jay-Cee Sales & Rivet maintains the nation's largest in-stock inventory, supplying rivets and special fasteners since 1948!
Arador Armour Library place where armour enthusiasts gather
Dark Victory Armory Dark Victory Armory makes lightweight, low maintenance, high performance armor.
Iron Rose Warrior Women within the SCA
Anshelm Arms and Armor Reproduction medieval European armor, weapons, and accessories for collectors and historical reenactors.
Historical Armed Combat Association The premier source for Historical Swordsmanship and Medieval and Renaissance martial arts.
Knighthood, Chivalry & Tournaments Resource Library a place where those interested in medieval tournaments can share and exchange information
Chivalric Traditions This site is written for those individuals who are drawn toward concepts of knighthood, chivalry and nobility
Stirling Brown Arms and Armour Historical Armour Restorations
Therion's Arms & Armor Resources of the Web Miscellaneous Armour links
NetSword The Internet Sword and Medieval Weapons Discussion Group
Armourers Ring Miscellaneous Armour links
The Armour Archive an on-line Journal devoted to teaching people how to make armour
Angel Sword, Inc. unique "work of art" swords
Godfrey's Armor Web Sites Miscellaneous Armour links
Medieval Collectibles We offer a variety of medieval weapons, clothing and re-enactment accessories
Swords and medieval armor replicas , swords , shields and weaponry
Robert MacPherson, Armorer high-quality harnesses and individual pieces of armor
Tromp L'oeil (Trick of the Eye) Advanced techniques in SCA combat by Duke Sir Patrick Devilin Of DarkWrath Keep
Higgins Armory Museum The only Museum in the Western Hemisphere solely dedicated to the collection of arms, armor and art.
StoneKeep Armory Ansteorran Armory dedicated to providing low cost, good quality armor with immediate shipping.
Performance Armour High-performance armour for SCA and recreation in Titanium, Stainless, Mild, Aluminum, ABS, and Leather.  Because you don't need to sacrifice your appearance for performance.
Gipsy Peddler Rapier Armor In business for 14 years with rapier armor guaranteed to pass armor standards for your kingdom! Largest selection of fencing doublets, shirts, hoods and gloves in the Knowne World.
Palace Gallery
Known as Gipsy Peddler at SCA events, we have clothing and unique accessories, i.e. flea-furs, feather fans, rosaries, gloves, pomanders,
hats, pouches and  reproduction jewelry.
The Schmitthenner Armory We have one of the most extensive SCA legal leather selections of armour which is handcrafted in our own armoury. I invite you to browse our website.
Shields and Swords A large selection collectible replica Medieval and
Japanese shields and swords including Samurai swords, Tai Chi swords,
Medieval shields, Medieval Swords, fantasy swords, ninja swords,
katana, & Sai.
Armor and Medieval Swords medieval armor replicas, swords, shields and weaponry
Darkwood Armory historically accurate rapiers, rapier gear and rattan hilts for SCA and Western Martial Arts play.
History, Heraldry, and Reference
SCA A&S Links Interkingdom SCA interest A&S links. Over 3600 on over 200 topics
Viking Answer Lady on-line articles on Viking history and culture.
Bronze age in the Netherlands Dutch prehistoric life between 2000-800BC
story of the Battle of Hastings fought on the 14th October 1066
Galileo Galilei's notes on motion Electronic Representation of the manuscript Ms. Gal. 72
The Catholic Encyclopedia website a large repository of historical figures from Copernicus to Galileo
The Labyrinth the Middle Ages Studies server at Georgetown University
The English Server Published text collections including art, fiction, poetry, history, political theory, cultural studies, philosophy, women's studies, music, etc.
Ireland History in Maps (700 AD) Ireland History in Maps is a chronological exploration of Irish geography and clan roots.
Central & Eastern European Languages Basic phrases for Eastern European languages
World History Archives A collection of documents for teaching and understanding world history from a working class perspective.
A Traveller's Compendium of Romanian History Romanians and their ancestors in world history
Assyrian History Miscellaneous Assyrian links.
Islamic History in Arabia and The Middle East A historical timeline and other Islamic resources
The European Middle Ages A directory of essays and resources for the learning module, The European Middle Ages.
Medieval Women A variety of resources on Medieval women
Viking Resources for the Re-enactor Here you will find links to several articles on subjects of interest to Viking Age re-enactors.
Medieval Popular Astrology The Planets and Their Children- A Blockbook of Medieval Popular Astrology
The Viking Project A viking archaeological excavation
Shakespeare Resource Center A World Wide Web guide to William Shakespeare
A Medieval Ship from the Pärnu River Underwater archaeology of unknown ship discovered in 1990
Antioch Antioch is a utility which allows you to type classical Greek, Hebrew, and Coptic in Word
Medieval Sourcebook The Internet History Sourcebooks Project is located at the History Department of Fordham University, New York.
Renaissance, the Elizabethan World Everyday life in Tudor England - food, occupations, games, pastimes, religion, fashion, manners, and education in the time of Queen Elizabeth I and Shakespeare
Hyper History Online HyperHistory presents 3'000 years of world history with a combination of colorful graphics, lifelines, timelines, and maps.
Camping, Lifestyle, and Culture
Highland Tents We offer a high quality product that is ideal for the S.C.A. and other re-enactors.
period furniture period furniture and making your camp more period
Making a Rope Bed Rope beds are easy to make and relatively comfortable on which to sleep.
Thak - Blacksmith, Armorer, Sculptor hand forged decorative wrought iron hardware, fixtures, armor, furniture, etc., we teach armouring and blacksmithing courses.
The Kingdomality Personal Preference Profile what type of Medieval personality you would have been
Soper Lane - 15th Century Silkwomen The function of the group is to bring to life as accurately as possible the work of the 15th century English Silkwomen.
Roman Board Games A variety of Roman board are examined
Cooking, Recipes, and Food
Cariadoc's Miscellany Outstanding collection of articles and recipes for anyone interested in historical research or recreation.
The Medieval & Renaissance Cookery Webring The Medieval & Renaissance Cookery Webring are sites featuring Medieval & Renaissance food, drink, etc.
Serious Books for Serious Cooks Facsimiles and reprints of classic cookbooks, University Press titles on food and culinary history.
Seattle's Finest Exotic Meats Exotic game meats from around the world
Dancing, Music, and Bardic
Ansteorran Bardic Website Ansteorra's own gathering of the Bards!
The Letter of Dance the newsletter for Renaissance and SCA Dance.
Samuel Piper's musical material Renaissance and Medieval Music items
Arab Music Arab music has been shaped by five principal processes, some purely intellectual and cultural, others political.
The Ethnic Musical Instruments Co. Ethnic musical instruments from around the world
Houston Central Scottish Country Dancing Scottish Country Dancing and more..
Chivalry Music and Internet Publishing A community of music and musicians: a library of bardic songs
Strange, Wierd, and Miscellaneous
SCA Humor You Know You're in the SCA When
Dragonfly Design Studio Your source for historical, fantasy, and uniquely elegant accessories, costumes and gifts.
ArabicEnglish These are scans from a book that will hopefully be used to teach a hand the author developed. Samples included.
Middle Ages Internet Links Miscellaneous links
Moscow Hide and Fur An on-line catalog of wildlife products
SCA, Events, and Personas
SCA members and branches This is a listing of websites for SCA members and branches all over the country.
Rialto Archive The SCA has a Usenet Newsgroup devoted to it; it's, but we call it The Rialto.
Estrella held outside of Phoenix over the President's day weekend
The Great Western War held in Chino, California
KWAR Merchants Information Online information concerning Known World Academy of Rapier merchants
Gulf War our war against Trimaris, held in Lumberton, Mississippi
Double wars Sjöröd, Skåne, Sweden in May
The Lilies War held in Smithville, MO just outside Kansas City, MO
The Lost Tribes of the Moon Mercenaries of the Society
Texas Renaissance Festival Plantersville, near Houston
Scarborough Faire Waxahachie, near the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex
Robert Fitzmorgan's Home Page troubadour resources, songs, poetry, and Medieval verse
Tournaments Illuminated A quarterly publication provided as a membership benefit to all subscribing members of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.
Red Mara's Bag Of Holding Here are role-playing games, living history, exciting ways to meet and chat with your friends and perhaps make new ones
The Lost Boys A group out of Minnesota that play and fight in the SCA.
The Official Pennsic Site The annual Pennsylvania event
A picture is worth a thousand words describing the SCA in photos
Madame Colète d'Évreux Vanora's persona, great links, and even some cool pictures
Excalibur Fantasy Faire Excalibur Fantasy Faire hosts some of the best Renaissance performers in the nation including the Brobdingnagian Bards.
Images, Manuscripts, and the Web
Coats of Arms from Ireland and around the world Over 1000 FREE graphics of coats of arms
American Memory from the Library of Congress Period maps and manuscripts
Digital Rare Books Octavo publishes and preserves rare books and manuscripts.
Early Manuscripts at Oxford University Digital facsimiles of complete manuscripts, scanned directly from the originals.
Mark Harden's Artchive browser access to more than 2,000 scans of fine art
Orazio Centrao's Art Images online more scans of fine art, etc.
SCA Clip Art SCA Officer Badges, Award Badges
St. John's Bible the first illuminated bible to be produced in 550 years
Ansteorra NewComers Newcomer resource
Footwear, Clothing, and Fabric
Footwear in the Middle Ages an exploration of the topic of shoemaking in the so-called Middle Ages
The Costumes Page costume history and attire, many of which are SCA-like
The History of Costume a series of images of historical dress from antiquity to the end of the 19th century
Sewing Central trim merchant
Ginsco Trim trim merchant
Vintage Trims trim merchant
The Elizabethan Costuming Page Elizabethan costume resources and other related resources
The NERO Emporium Fine SCA costumes
Lark Books Craft supplies, books, patterns, etc.
Calontir Trim trim merchant
Gloves How to make a pair of gloves, one at a time
Barb's Garb Your official site for authentic medieval clothing and medieval fantasy garb.
Specializing in authentic reproductions of medieval clothing and medieval influenced fantasy garb.
Costumer's Manifesto A large repository of costuming information created by Dr. Tara Maginnis, a theatre professor, with over 600 pages of html and about 500MB of image files.
Miles Tonne Zone One-of-a-kind handmade fashion designs in leather and suede clothing lingerie costumes and accessories
Elizabethan Make-up 101 A glimpse of the ideal Elizabethan female
The World of Beduin Weaving Information about the declining crafts of weaving, spinning and dyeing
Gerry and Julie's Landsknecht and Costume Site Gerry and Julie's Landsknecht Living History Site, containing photographs, historical notes, costume information, research and much more.
Rio Grande A highly respected industry leader for serving customers with integrity and high standards in jewelry manufacture and distribution
Silk Road Textile Merchants High quality natural fiber fabric: silk, cotton, tencel, linen, wool, and others
Period Fabrics At we offer a wide variety of authentic, period fabrics. We currently have many fabric types available, including Cottons, Wools, Linens, Blends, Tent Canvas and Oil Cloth.
Denver Fabrics Our site offers a wide range of fabric, including a large and varied inventory of designer fabric like silk, wool, linen, importedshirtings and Ultrasuede.
Fashion Fabrics Fabric By The Yard. Fabrics at Discount and Wholesale Prices.
Gypsy Caravan We provide silks, brocades, wools, linens, historical period patterns and many other items.
Reconstructing History Historical clothing and accoutrements.

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