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The Kingdom Of Ansteorra
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Today is May 24th
Anno Societatis LII
(Being 2017 C.E.)

Crown and Great Officers of State
of the Kingdom of Ansteorra

| Their Stellar Majesties | Seneschal | Chirurgeon |Chronicler | Earl Marshal | Historian | Hospitaler | Minister of Arts and Sciences | Minister of Children | Star Principal Herald | Treasurer | WebMinister |

Crown Heraldry
Their Stellar Majesties
Gabriel of Maccuswell and Sonja Ryzaja
Seneschal heraldry
Kingdom Seneschal
Master Modius von Mergentheim (Erik Langhans)
Deputy to the Seneschal
  Waiver Secretary
Gavin Mac Giolla Ruaidh
(see BlackStar for physical address)
Deputy to the Seneschal
Mininster of Children heraldry
Minister of Children
Silvana Corwin
Herald heraldry
Star Principal Herald
Eirik Halfdanarson
College of Scribes
Lillias MacGuffin
Marshal heraldry
Earl Marshal
HG Jean Paul de Sens
Archery Marshal
Kingdom Rapier Marshal
Youth Combat
Equestrian Marshal
Marshalate Secretary
hospitaler heraldry
Kingdom Hospitaler
Goldweard of St. Golias
Arts and Sciences heraldry
Minister of Arts and Sciences
Mistress Ameline Dubois
Treasurer heraldry
Kingdom Treasurer
(Chancellor of the Exchequer)
Elsa von Schammach
Deputy to Exchequer
  Nonmember Registration (NMR) Deputy
Mistress Beatrix Alfraye
Lord Rafe Slater
Chronicler heraldry
Kingdom Chronicler
Aubrey Ericsdatter
Deputy to Kingdom Chronicler
Chronicler heraldry
Kingdom Historian
Mistress Annes Clotilde von Bamburg
Chronicler heraldry