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The Kingdom Of Ansteorra
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Today is June 25th
Anno Societatis LII
(Being 2017 C.E.)

Common Ansteorran Forms

On this portion of the web site you will find links to common forms used throughout the kingdom. These forms are in *.pdf format and require Adobe Acrobat to view and print. You can find the Acrobat Reader using this link to the Adobe site.

Form Name Description
Application for Office form used to apply for office
Award Recommendation Form form used to recommend someone for an award.
Click here for PDF version
Consent to Participate Adult waiver
Equestrian Waivers (Adult) The SCA Equestrian Marshal's Guide to Adult Equestrian Liability Waivers and Signage in the 50 States.
Event Report form used to report the financial status of an event
Gate Sign-in sheet Standard gate sign-in form. This form is required for all groups.
Heraldic Forms Heraldic Badge Submission
Heraldic Name Submission by an Individual
Heraldic Name Submission by an SCA Branch
Heraldic Device Submission
Marshal's monthly report Marshal's monthly report for local groups
Marshal's tournament report Marshal's tournament report for local groups
Marshal's injury report Marshal's injury report for local groups
Membership information page

Membership Application
Join or renew your SCA membership online

Form used to join the SCA.
Medical Authorization for Minors authorize a hospital which has provided treatment to the named minor on the form to surrender physical custody of such minor back to the named agents on the form upon the completion of treatment.
Minors Permission Form/Event Waiver form that parents need to sign and notarize when sending their child to an event with another adult
Minors Consent to Participate Children's waiver
Reporting Forms Listing of forms used for various reporting in the Kingdom and local offices.
SCA Creative Work Copyright Assignment / Grant of Use Form form which grants permission for a work, other than a photograph, to be used in a publication, including the web
SCA Photograph Grant of Use Form form which grants permission for a photograph to be used in a publication, including the web
SCA Model Release Form form which grants permission for their image to be published in a photograph
Warrant: Executive Executive warrant is for seneschals
Warrant: Standard The standard warrant for all other officers
Youth Combat Waiver form required for youth to participate in chivalric activities

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