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The Kingdom Of Ansteorra
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Today is September 4th
Anno Societatis L
(Being 2015 C.E.)

The Kingdom of Ansteorra Server

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this all about?

Where is it located?

Who gets accounts?

How do I get my account?

How do I use this?

I'm a geek, tell me the details

Ansteorra Kingdom Server This computer system was purchased by the Kingdom via donations made by the populace of this fair Kingdom. The money was made via drawings, auctions, direct and matching donations. The efforts that these people have gone through will be appreciated for a long time as the benefit of this system expands our abilities to better serve our existing and future members.
Web pages The web pages hosted here are for the use by the populace of the SCA, Kingdom of Ansteorra and those people interested in the topics that are related to them. They are maintained by a variety of people from the Kingdom down to the local branch.

All official SCA, Inc. webpages must adhere to certain standards of content, copyright and permission. Please check the different guidelines under for details.

NOTE: At this time images that clearly depict an individual as the subject must have permission from the individual for publication on SCA webpages. Many people may not realize this issue.
Mailing lists The mailing lists hosted here are for the use by the populace of the SCA, Kigndom of Ansteorra and those people interested in the topics that are related to them. They range from local group lists to SCA-wide discussion topics.

Mailing lists are not official forms of communication. They are used as a tool for members of the Society to discuss items of common interest. They are hosted here as a convenience to the populace and their presence here does not give them any sort of "officialness".

Where is it located?

Physically The Ansteorran Kingdom Server, as well as everything hosted on it, is located at Dreamhost.
Logically The Ansteorran Kingdom Server has many looks to it. It will appear as multiple servers for each region, group and some topics. These are still all physically located on the same server, but are located in seperate areas of the system.

Who gets accounts?

Kingdom Officers
All Great Officers, Lesser Officers and Deputy Kingdom Officers are permitted accounts. As well, they are permitted a Virtual Scribe when such is deemed necessary to maintain their presence on the webpage.
Regional Officers
All Regional Officers are permitted accounts. Deputy regionals are not at this time.
Local Officers
All warranted Local Officers will be permitted. This is to allow more officers at the local level than would be if we only accepted the required officers by Kingdom Law.

Only warranted officers are permitted accounts. If you are fullfilling the responsibility/duties of an office but are not warranted, you will not be permitted an account. You should work on getting warranted and recognized for the work you do.
Crown The Crown and Coronet will each be permitted accounts upon their respective elevation. These will be single accounts that are shared between the Sovereign and Consort. When there are no Heirs, their mail will be forwarded to the Crown's account.
Other At this time no one besides officers are permitted accounts on the Ansteorran Kingdom Server.

How do I get my account?

Kingdom, Regional and Local Officers and Crown Please make requests to the Server Administrator with information regarding your office, that you are warranted and the like. Please remember that we are human and don't always know or remember that an office has changed hands.

How do I use this?

View webpages For the most part they are at There are also special servers for the different regions/groups within the Kingdom. For example, the regional sites can be found at and group sites can be found at

For Kingdom Officer related files, they will be found at This is a heirachical structure that has Lesser and Deputy officers underneath their superior. For example, the Rapier site can be found at

For regional/group Officer related files, they will be found under the appropriate regional/group site. For example, the Seneschal for the Central region would be found at
Upload webpages You should use your favorite ftp program do this. This can be something akin to a religous war as to which one is best, so no recommendations will be made here. You will ftp them to FTP Server: logging in to the account that you were issued.

All accounts are setup with a /home/account_name/ directory in them. This directory then points to the appropriate place within the webserver structure for the office.

NOTE: If your files do not appear properly, you probably forgot to put them in the public_html directory.
Get anonymous files Some files will be made available on the anonymous ftp server. It can be reached at To request files be added to the anonymous ftp server, please make your request to the Server Administrator.
Dial-in You don't. This server is to be used in conjunction with your existing ISP or work account. It is not a replacement. You are to use it in addition to your existing Internet service.
Get a UNIX/login shell The short answer is you don't. This system is designed to serve a focused purpose and there is no need for non-administrative users to have a UNIX/login shell.

I'm a geek, tell me the details

Computer system Cyberpower Inc Custom Athlon server w/ 3 year on-site warranty
AMD Athlon XP 2500+ w/ 512K L2 Cache
ABit NF7-S nForce2 motherboard
1 Gig 400MHz Dual Channel DDR memory
80 Gig Serial ATA disks - Mirrored
Exabyte 8700LT 8mm tape drive w/Adaptec 2940 UW controller - Temporary loan
Operating System SuSE Linux 9.0
2 Gig swap
Webserver Apache 2.0.48 w/ virtual servers and Server Side Includes
Mod_PHP 4.3.3
Squirrelmail 1.4.1 - For webmail feature
Mail system Sendmail 8.12.10 w/ Anti-SPAM measures, smrsh, access database and virtual usertable
MIMEDefang 2.39 w/ ClamAV 0.67 - Tag Spam and Strip Virus
Mailman 2.1.4 w/ HT://Dig and SpamAssassin integration
UW IMAP 2002e
Other WU-FTP 2.6.0
TCP Wrappers 7.6 - on many services
XNTP3 5.9.3 - for time synchronization
OpenSSH 2.9p2 - for administrative sessions
openldap 2.0.11 - for heraldic databases

This is a work in progress.
Contact the Ansteorra Server Administrator for corrections, suggestions or additions.

Award Recommendations

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Questions, comments and suggestions are most welcome by the site administrator.
Kingdom ArtWork
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